Favourite Links

Highland Pipes
Mark Wygent Reedmaker
David Daye's Bagpipe Page
Bagpipe Web Directory
Ewan's WWW Bagpipe Index

Uilleann Pipes
Na Píobairí Uilleann
Irish Piper's Club (Cumann Na bPíobairí)
San Francisco Piper's Club
Southern California Piper's Club
Uilleann Obsession Page (Patrick D'Arcy)

Pipe Makers
Charles Roberts (Uilleann)
Wm. Sinclair & Son (Highland)
Seth Gallagher (Uilleann)
Ray Sloan (Northumbrian, smallpipes & uilleann pipes)

Chiff & Fipple
Whistling Low
Bodhrán (Irish Drum)
The Bodhrán Page
Belgarth Bodhráns (Eoin & Jane Leonard, Orkney, Scotland)

General Interest
JC's ABC Tune Finder
Focal an Lae (Irish Word of the Day)



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