Wedding Music Suggestions

Suggestions for Selecting Your Wedding Music
(Performed on Highland Pipes or Irish Uilleann Pipes)
Pre-Ceremony Music
Background music performed while guests are being seated.
Processional Music
Begins when the officient and the groom approach the altar. The bridesmaids (along with the groomsmen who may join them) continue to walk to this selection. Traditionally, this is a majestic piece played at a pace that is easy to walk to. For non-traditional weddings or smaller wedding parties, this selection need not have a majestic sound, but should retain an easy walking tempo. This piece ends when the entire wedding party reaches the altar.

The Bride's Entrance to the Processional
Traditionally, the bride enters to fanfare music that announces her arrival. This piece ends when the bride reaches the altar.

Recessional Music
A triumphant, almost quickly-paced piece played as the newlyweds walk up the aisle as husband and wife, followed by the wedding party.

Post-Ceremony Music
Lively selections played as guests file out

During the ceremony, you may wish to select special pieces to be performed during the lighting of the unity candle, communion or a scriptural or poetry reading. These selections should hold special significance to the bride and groom, as all guests are actively listening. Keep in mind, additional readings and music added between ceremony activities tend to lengthen the ceremony.

Important Note: Check with your officient (minister, rabbi, priest, etc.) before making musical selections. Some faiths, houses of worship or officients do not allow secular (non-religious) music or particular selections. In addition, some will not permit music to be performed during the exchange of vows or as background behind the entire ceremony.



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